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We are a group of Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs' Masters students on Environmental Policy and are particularly passionate in matters of Critical Political Ecology of Water. This semester for our course "Desalination: (Mal)adaptation to Water shortage and Climate Change?", taught by Dr. Isabel Ruck, our team worked on the controversy around Barcelona's water desalination plant. 

Below you will find more information on each of us, including our interests and the reasons why we enjoyed working on this case study. What you will not find, and we have to acknowledge, is how much we enjoyed working together and getting to know each other in these challenging times. We hope you enjoy our website, as it reflects our dedication and this bond we created with each other.

Ana Lucía is doing a masters’ in Environmental Policy at Sciences Po, Paris, and graduated in 2020 from a bachelor’s in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. Professionally, she is very interested in ocean governance and biodiversity conservation and wishes to work in an international organization managing projects to implement high level policies on these issues. She will start an internship at the European Bureau for Conservation and Development in May to work on fisheries and marine policy.

Ana Lucía’s heart is divided between two cities (and countries): Bogotá, Colombia, and Barcelona, Spain. Having been born in Colombia, where she spent her childhood, she learnt to love nature and wildlife, and got interested in the challenges that developing countries face regarding sustainable development. Growing up by the sea in Barcelona, she was marvelled by ocean ecosystems and got interested in international politics. In her free time she enjoys hiking and travelling. She is also a passionate reader and dedicated painter.

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Donna is studying Environmental Policy at Sciences Po Paris, focusing on international energy policies and European affairs. She graduated in 2020 with her multi-disciplinary Bachelor's degree in International Studies at Leiden University in The Hague, The Netherlands, with her regional concentration being Africa. The Bachelor has allowed her to accumulate knowledge in diverse disciplines and from various topics within the humanities. Donna seeks a professional career in a think tank or academia in the area of science and technology studies (STS), global political economy, ocean governance or urban studies.

Before starting her Bachelor's at Leiden University, Donna volunteered in different marine conservation projects, such as a local shark awareness education programme in Fiji or lionfish and coral reef conservation in Belize. Furthermore, she is an active member of the Water Youth Network and Youth for the Rhine and is working on transboundary water governance issues. 

Donna is from Paderborn in Germany. Her interests consist of travelling, diving, boxing, sophrology, hiking, bouldering, and yoga. Also, she enjoys watching modern dancing, going to the theatre, reading socio-political and history books, and listening to techno music.

Ninon is doing a double master's degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy at SciencesPo Paris and Sorbonne University. She graduated from the CPES Multidisciplinary Undergraduate degree where she deepened her scientific knowledge while continuing her studies in the humanities and social sciences. During a seminar entitled "Taking care of water", she discovered the vast issues surrounding water management and has since been determined to deepen her knowledge on this subject.


She believes that one of the best scales of action is the local scale which allows to be close to environmental problems in order to understand their particularities, from a social, economic and ecological point of view, and to quickly bring adapted solutions. She would therefore like to work in local authorities to implement public policies. She grew up in France on the Vendée coast between the ocean and the forest. She loves reading, walking and has a special affection for dancing which she has practiced since childhood.


Lola is doing a masters’ in Environmental Policy at Sciences Po, and graduated in 2020 from a bachelor’s in Political Science and another in Philosophy in Aix-en-Provence. In her first semester of  Masters’ she took a class on Critical Political ecology of water that introduced her to her beloved Latour, fields that now interest her a lot : Critical Political Ecology and STS, but also to a subject that she had never studied before : Water.  Professionally, she is interested in all things Environment : she did an internship in the ministry of Environment of Costa Rica and another in Reunion’s national Park . This year made her take a new and close interest in water governance which may be the subject of her next internship.

Lola is Franco-Catalan which is one of the reasons she chose this subject : She was born in Barcelona but grew up in Reunion Island. This work was a way for her to know a bit more on Environmental policies of her country of origin. In her free time she enjoys hiking, climbing and snorkeling. She also likes watercolour and Magic realism.

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